See below for a brief summary of recent projects completed, how I approached them and what was involved.

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HPI Racing

I built this website from scratch (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, etc.) for HPI Racing Europe - for whom I worked for up to May 2016.

I am very proud of this site. As the senior developer I was singularly responsible for all aspects of the site which serves approximately 250k users per month for a global brand. It even includes a social network of sorts (which I can demonstrate in person) and all the backend administrative features you would expect.

I was also responsible for maintaining the UK / Europe centric B2B e-commerce site: HPI Racing UK.

Since going freelance I have continued to maintain these sites and have several projects to improve them in the planning stages.


Kingsbridge Medical Practice

A Wordpress site launched several years ago, but has continued to be updated with content and improvements to the design. Further improvements are slated to implemented shortly.


ELP Engineering

A simple e-commerce site produced for a local business. Simplicity and ease of use were paramount in this project, whilst ensuring maximum usability across devices to best display the product range on offer.


Root Cause Analysis

Simon Haas - Root Cause Analysis Consultant

Simon is a global expert in the field of root cause analysis having worked for Rolls-Royce, Nissan and with many others via his training courses in 20 years working in industry.

In that time he has developed a unique method for establishing the root cause of, and devising solutions to problems (engineering or otherwise) whilst dramatically cutting the time to do so and vastly improving the accuracy of solutions.

Simon approached me to build a website to showcase his new method, detailing the benefits and to promote his new consultancy business. We also had a number of impressive testimonials backing up Simon's work, demonstrating it's real world practical applications and successes.

The site has been designed to be fully responsive to reach the maximum number of people who might be interested in his services ensuring all of his content is accessible no matter the device.